Rare and Unusual Woods
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Rare and Unusual Woods

Classic Canes Walking Sticks and Canes. Rare and unusual woods, imported from England and Ireland. We have an extensive range of European Blackthorn, as well as Hazel and Holly in a variety of styles and handles from the traditional Knob to Cane and Derby, perfect for health and leisure walking, collecting, or as a decorative piece.

Blackthorn walking sticks are among the most sought after of all traditional walking sticks, both for their appearance and for their heritage. A good blackthorn walking stick will have great character and elicit admiring comments wherever it goes. Over time, it will become a greatly loved possession.

Heart Health Walking is an ideal form of exercise. It requires no equipment or expense and is one of the best ways for you to become more active. Regular walking can improve confidence, stamina, energy, and help control your weight. It can also keep your heart strong, give you more energy and help reduce stress! A Walking Stick is a good companion to bring along on your hike and health walk. Please note: These canes are only used for casual use and are not promoted or used for medical purposes like a crutch for full weight support.

"...Each Walking Stick is unique, existing as the only one; single, solitary in character and charm. The stick you select is the exact one you will receive. All items in stock for fast shipping.

"...I looked long and hard for reasonably-priced, authentic blackthorn stick, and those offered by LollySmith were about the nicest I found. Their Web site is by far the best organized and helpful, giving buyers the ability to closely examine the company’s inventory, view photographs, and then select the specific stick or sticks they wish to purchase...."

Walking Stick / Cane  Brass Tips
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Walking Stick Badge - King Tut
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European Blackthorn Natural Rustic One-Piece Shillelagh / Club #14
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