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> Walking Stick / Cane Heavy Duty Rubber Tips with Steel Washer
Walking Stick / Cane  Heavy Duty Rubber Tips with Steel Washer

Walking Stick / Cane Heavy Duty Rubber Tips with Steel Washer

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Walking Stick / Cane Heavy Duty Rubber Tips with Steel Washer

Best SellersA Rubber ferrule or tip grips the surface of the pavement to give you better stability. A worn out ferrule could cause your stick to slip. Check this regularly and replace it when it is worn.
You will find it is an easy to install attachment in an assortment of sizes to fit most walking sticks or canes.

  • Helps provide grip on icy pavements, adds extra support and improves safety.
  • Heavy Duty C Style Bell shaped rubber ferrules
  • Dimpled Base provide additional grip to reduce the likelihood of slipping.
  • Reinforced with a steel washer inside to stop the stick wearing through quickly.
  • Can also be used on chair legs.
Available in sizes:1/2", 3/4", 5/8", 7/8", 1". All measurements for the internal diameter are approximate. External height is 1 1/2". For a tighter fit wrap tip of stick with tape before attaching rubber ferrule.

Measuring and Fitting Instructions: Once you have made a correct measurement, you can buy with confidence, knowing that the new ferrule will fit directly on to the stick you own.

  • New or replacement walking stick or cane ferrules take their dimension from the diameter, i.e. the distance edge to edge of the circle as you look at the stick end on - without the ferrule on.
  • It is usually enough to use a ruler, or tape measure and place it across the end of the wooden stick and simply measure across. This measurement will match the measurement stated on the ferrule you are purchasing, so you can then easily see you have the correct fit. So a standard 20mm round ferrule, will fit a stick with a measurement across of 20mm.
  • Rubber tips are somewhat pliable, so if the ferrule opening is slightly smaller than the diameter of the bottom of your cane or stick, youíll be just fine ó itíll stretch to accommodate the difference.
  • Itís better to get a slightly smaller ferrule for your needs, than a slightly larger one.

"...was a good feeling to shop with this merchant. E-Mails was promptly answered and most informative and courteous . When it comes to online shopping this merchant is at the top and their service should be used as a model for other sites A very satisfied customer!....." D. Whitaker, OH.

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