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You may know someone who could use a little luck, why not send them a bit of the Irish kind with these great gifts. Choose from Irish themed shamrock clover and good luck horseshoe jewelry, leprechaun gifts, pocket tokens, key chains or Lotto Luck cards. Buy one for yourself while you’re at it, it couldn't hurt... All items in stock for fast shipping.

"... Not only is the merchandise I am looking for of excellent quality, the staff goes above and beyond in getting my order filled...." Michael. Opelika, AL

Good Luck Leprechaun Charm
Regular price: $2.95
Wee Little Leprechaun Charm
Regular price: $2.95
Shamrock Garden Stone
Regular price: $28.95
Celtic Cross Pocket Charm -Luck
Regular price: $2.95
Irish Curved  Droplet Pendant with Four-Leaf Clover
Regular price: $16.95
Sale price: $12.95
Worry Stone -  Connemara Marble
Regular price: $10.95
Lucky Horse Shoe - Wedding Cake Pull Charm
Regular price: $7.95
Sale price: $5.95
Good Luck Horseshoe - Sterling Silver Charm
Regular price: $9.95
Sale price: $6.95
Irish Shamrock Luck Flag
Regular price: $24.00
Sale price: $12.95
Your Lucky Irish Angel
Regular price: $5.95
Sale price: $2.95
Lucky - Bottle Cap Pin
Regular price: $1.95
'Ireland' with Harp Magnetic Shamrock
Regular price: $2.95
Sale price: $1.95
Connemara Marble Shamrock Earrings - Sterling Silver
Regular price: $24.95
Sale price: $19.95
Lucky Dust Glitter
Regular price: $6.95