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Made in Ireland The tin whistle is fun for Children and Adults! You don’t have to be able to read music to enjoy the whistle, there are clear instruction books available here giving you all the basics, simply and plainly on how to play. Why not start today? We offer a wide range of Tin Whistles and Pennywhistles from the top makers Feadóg, Generation, Clare, Waltons, Clarke and Guinness, as well as Whistle Packages with Whistle Instruction Books, CDs and more.
Please see our Buyers Guide and Tin Whistle FAQ or Contact Us We hope you find our An Introduction to Playing Irish Music informative and helpful to your playing. Do you know someone that you think would want a Pink Whistle! All items in stock for fast shipping. Due to hygienic concerns Tin Whistles can not be returned or exchanged.

"...With short notice, I had a performance that would required a Generation G tin whistle for a few songs. Panicked, I searched every music store from NYC to CT! With nothing in stock I watched vendor after vendor search the internet & then I arrived at the same conclusion. LollySmith.com not only had it in stock but there prices beat out all my vendors! Needless to say the performance was a success! A phenomenal company with excellent products, service & timely delivery. I couldn't be happier!...." Brian M. Brookfield, CT

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