Welcome to our special selection of vintage style all in one shaft and Real Feather Dart Flights. Some of the colors and designs here are produced solely for Lollysmith.com with an Irish, American, and UK theme in mind. Flights are made in a Vintage/retro style, using real Turkey feathers, this style of dart flight was used from around the early 1930s to the late 1950s and now they are resurrected hence our brand name 'PHOENIX'

Phoenix dart feathers PHOENIX dart flights come with two sizes of feather; Long 2 inch and Short 1 5/8 inch. The flight length when fitted to a dart barrel NOT counting the thread is; Long 3 inch and short 2 . Flights have a modern 2ba thread and will fit all present day dart barrels, steel tip and soft tip. We also produce Vintage BSF thread flight for players who still have the old brass barrels tucked away? OR you may have inherited a vintage set OR bought a vintage set from an Internet site. If you are unsure of your thread size please read about thread types / size information.

Tri-colour Irish dart 3 feathers Our flights are used by dart players all over the world old and young, from keen league players to fun pub players and people who just play at home. Flights are unique, attractive, colourful and practical, they also make fantastic gifts for the dart player in your life. Feathers are very resilient and when looked after properly will last for many seasons (some care instructions are included).

Darts is one of the fastest growing top 10 participating sports in the world. You need very little inexpensive equipment and clothing. It is a great competitive and fun sport using your hand and eye coordination skill and mental ability and is a great medium for meeting new friends. Many major professional events take place all around the world now creating further interest. Many are televised and you will get to know all the top players and be able to follow and support your favourites. Why not try something new? Thank you and enjoy your PHOENIX dart Flights!

Please Note Dart Flights are handmade in the UK and shipped to you from the US. If any flights are listed as currently out of stock, we will have them available again as quickly as possible!