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Walking Stick / Cane  Brass Ferrules Tips

Walking Stick / Cane Brass Ferrules Tips

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Walking Stick / Cane Metal Ferrules Tips

These Brass Tips have an antique-effect coating but can easily be rubbed off with steel wool and / or metal polish to reveal bright brass.

A ferrule is the replaceable protective metal tip at the end of your walking stick. A metal ferrule can really dress up the look of your cane while at the same time helping prevent the bare wood tip from splitting or wearing down. Ferrules are available in a variety of sizes to help make your favorite walking stick give years of service.

When ordering:

  • All measurements are for the external open end diameter and are measured in sixteenths-of-an-inch. Although, they are a very close approximate, some alteration of the wood stick end may be required. The length of each ferrule is the same (approximately 7/8") regardless of diameter.
  • Itís better to get a slightly smaller ferrule for your needs, than a slightly larger one.
  • Ferrules are typically available in sizes: 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4", 13/16", 7/8", 15/16", 1", 1 1/16", 1 1/8", 1 3/16" .
Fitting Instructions:
  • Remove any existing ferrule.
  • Place the new ferrule on the tip of the walking stick. Check the fit to ensure the ferrule is neither too large nor too small for the cane.
  • With the ferrule in place, tap the end of the stick smartly on the ground once or twice to position the ferrule on the stick. Take care not to tap the stick too sharply as the varnish may be damaged if the ferrule is forced on too firmly.
  • The traditional way is to fit it in position, then taking a small hammer and a fair sized nail, or bradawl tap the nail into the soft metal of the ferrule just below the point where the ferrule and the stick meet. Repeat on the opposing side of the ferrule. The indentations must go into the wood far enough to hold it firmly in place.
  • The second method is to drill a couple of small holes near the lip of the ferrule, and then fasten it to the stick with small nails.
  • With either method, it can't hurt to use a good bit of epoxy resin adhesive inside the ferrule, for a bit of added security.

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