Badge Fitting Instructions

Badge Fitting InstructionsFitting your badge to the stick is not difficult; here are some helpful tips:

Required tools: 1 mm drill bit or a bradawl and small hammer.

  • Position your badge where you want it on the stick and mark the hole sites.
  • Start off the holes with a bradawl or 1mm drill bit.
  • Re-position the badge insert the nails and with the stick on a solid surface tap the nails home firmly but carefully and try not to hit your badge.

Fit Coin Badge to Thicker 1¼" Sticks Instructions

fit badge to 1¼ inch sticks Please note: This method is for thicker coins, lighter badges can be carefully widened by hand.
  • The coins will spread with just a little persuasion.
  • Coins need to be positioned on stick face down on a solid surface on a piece of wood (to stop any damage to the badge detail).
  • Another piece of wood on top of the stick (to protect the stick) is then hit sharply with a hammer.
  • This is a two person job or vice and clamps if alone.
  • You may find some other white metal coins are too tough for this procedure.

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