The Irish Claddagh: Gra, Dilseacht, Cairdeas Pronounced: graw, deel-shockt, korr-djass Meaning: Love, Loyalty, Friendship

Green and misty fables surround the story of Ireland's unique symbol of love and friendship...the Claddagh Ring. Its tradition lies deep in the dark pools of the history of Galway, ancient City of Tribes. One version speaks of Richard Joyce, swept to slavery from the little fishing village of Claddagh; of time passing and the intervening years in which Richard became a masterly goldsmith who eventually rewarded with freedom. When at last he returned to his beloved Claddagh he turned his fine skills to the creation of a jewel that would be renowned as an emblem of love and friendship: two hands cradling a crowned heart. Today, the village of Claddagh may have vanished but its golden legacy remains.

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Claddagh Pie Plate
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Claddagh - Pewter Money Clip
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